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A reputable and well-liked PCD pharma firm in Panchkula, Zoecia Healthcare also engages in the manufacturing and marketing of a variety of medications. In Chandigarh, we are a reputable Pharma PCD Company in Panchkula when it comes to producing medications. In Panchkula, Zoecia Healthcare is the main supplier of pharmaceutical franchises. Our consumers are our primary concern, and we are working very hard to produce high-quality medications for them. Being in the pharmaceutical industry, it comes naturally to prioritize quality over everything else, and even though we produce a variety of pharmaceuticals, our quality is never compromised. We support each newcomer who joins PCD Pharma Company in Chandigarh and strengthens their basis.


You might think about starting a profitable business using Zoecia Healthcare’s pharma PCD if you want to do something satisfying that requires little to no investment but yields good profits.

We are pleased that we are keeping the promises we have made to our consumers at Zoecia Healthcare after years of hard work and dedication to producing quality medicine. Our company’s professionals conducted extensive research as the basis for our high-quality medications. While producing, the entire manufacturing crew maintains a close eye on the medication and takes great care to ensure its cleanliness. In-house pharmaceutical formulations produced by Zoecia Healthcare include capsules, injectables, tablets, soft gelatin capsules, dry syrup, ointments, oral liquids (syrup and suspension), oral external liquids, creams, ear drops, general products, soaps, eye drops, shampoo, sachets, and so forth.

A Monopoly Pharma franchise is available in Panchkula.

The breadth of a business idea is important to consider because it will determine how much money you will make and how quickly your sales will increase. Therefore, investing in the PCD pharma franchise in Panchkula by Zoecia Healthcare would be a better option because there is a lot of room for growth for a pharma company and it will continue to be in demand as long as the world exists and people consume medicine.

Due to the fact that we have already discussed the industry’s broad potential, you do not need to second-guess your decision to invest in a PCD pharma franchise in Panchkula. It’s never too late to start; call us right away.

We are a well-known pharmaceutical manufacturer, and we take care to have both the DGCI and the FSSAI certify the quality and safety of our products.

The following list includes a few of our medical products:

  • Capsules
  • Syrups
  • Injectable
  • Tablets
  • supple gels
  • Iris drops
  • Ointments
  • nasal spray
  • Sachets
  • Lotions

Join Chandigarh’s No. 1 Pharmaceutical Company to Receive Monopoly Rights for Your City

We firmly believe in abiding by the standards and guidelines established by the industry because doing so improves product quality and unquestionably helps us establish ourselves as a reliable pharma franchise company in Panchkula.

A few things that truly distinguish our business as the best include:

  • follow GPL guidelines
  • Manufacturing facilities have ISO certification.
  • contemporary research techniques
  • knowledge of the field
  • Additional rewards and fantastic bonuses
  • Observe the GMP and WHO recommendations.

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