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Zoecia Healthcare has quickly developed into a company that is dedicated to offering high-quality, cost-effective drugs and healthcare to individuals of all ages.

Pharmaceutical Tablets, Pharmaceutical Capsules & Soft Gel, Pharmaceutical Injections, Pharmaceutical Syrup, Pharmaceutical Dry Syrup, Pharmaceutical Ointment And Gel, and Protein Powders are among the many items that we make, sell, and provide.

On a monopolistic basis, we provide PCD Pharma Franchise, Pharma Franchise, and Pharmaceutical Distributorship in each district.

We also provide third-party manufacturing and marketing services for pharmaceuticals.

We have learned how to keep ahead of our competition in the market over our successful journey.

We have put in countless hours to achieve remarkable success in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our company approach is founded on working together for the mutual benefit of our customers and partners, since we value both equally. Our loyal clients are also given top consideration.

In this regard, we have professionally educated our people so that they can easily confront any difficulty in this highly competitive industry.

We are supported by a technically competent staff that works constantly to provide our customers with pharmaceutical solutions that are perfectly prepared, highly effective, and recognized for attributes such as purity, immediate relief, exact composition, minimal side effects, and precise PH value.

These medications are made according to medical industry standards using high-quality components.

Our technical professionals have extensive industry expertise and are among the finest in the business.

Their tireless efforts have catapulted us to tremendous success in our business, and we owe all of our accomplishments to them.



Our customers may rely on us for high-quality Tablets, Capsules, Liquid Syrups, Dry Syrups, and Injections.


Provide safe, high-quality patient care in a professional, respectful, and effective communication environment.


We are continuously looking for distributors/franchises/pcd franchises to join our team. Our distributors may choose from a broad choice of items.

  • Promotional Contribution
  • Scientific Illustrations ( Folder)

Visual tools that not only help us achieve our goals, but also make your marketing tactics smarter and easier to implement. For our goods, we give.

  1. Literature in Science
  2. Cards for visitors
  3. Covers to Catch
  4. Leave Literature Behind
  5. Stickers for Products
  6. Gifts from Time to Time

Why Choose Us?

Our Goals

To become India’s foremost pharmaceutical franchise company.


We place a high priority on goal accomplishment and work tirelessly to realize our Vision.


We place a high importance on information since it allows our Franchisees to come up with new ways to manage company development and profit.

India’s Leading Pharma Franchise Company

Zoecia Healthcare is one of India’s biggest integrated pharmaceutical franchise firms. We have been making high-quality formulations of a wide variety of pharmaceuticals since our start, and we adhere to stringent quality control and market requirements. We have more than 400 goods in our inventory. Syrup, injectable, powder, granules, pills, capsules, and more products are among our offerings.

We have a dedicated staff of quality control professionals that closely monitor all current processes from product procurement through delivery to our valued customers.

We provide a comprehensive selection of pharmaceutical bulk medications based on our valuable knowledge and skills. These medications are made using high-quality ingredients from the manufacturer’s end.

We guarantee that we give the finest goods as one of the top Pharma Franchise firms in Chandigarh, India, by purchasing pharmaceutical bulk pharmaceuticals from only trusted and respectable market vendors with extensive knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

We are a GMP-certified pharmaceutical distributor and franchise with the mission of producing low-cost, high-quality medications.

We have a GMP-compliant product line and a Schedule M-compliant production facility. Zoecia Healthcare is the name of our firm, which was founded in 2014. Chandigarh is home to the company’s headquarters.


  1. Antimicrobials
  2. Stimulants for appetite
  3. Antacids
  4. Analgesics
  5. Antimicrobials
  6. Skin ointment
  7. Anti-allergic and anti-inflammation
  8. Antifungal
  9. Injectables
  10. Vitamin supplement
  11. Malaria prevention

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