Zoecia Healthcare is a young healthcare firm with a diverse portfolio of leading compounds for the treatment of medical disorders across a broad range of therapeutic areas.

We at Zoecia Healthcare are always collaborating with health care experts and patient advocates to uncover severe therapeutic gaps.

Our patient-centered innovation initiatives may aid in the development of novel treatment options to fill these therapeutic gaps.

Our company wants to remain at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry’s diversified market, with an unrivaled reputation for quality, innovation, social responsibility, and consistency.

Our key strength is our devotion to excellence. The product’s quality is ensured throughout the manufacturing process thanks to a strict quality control and quality assurance system.

Zoecia Healthcare is a rapidly expanding firm with over 200 products, the majority of which are DCGI-approved novel compounds and unique nutraceuticals produced in WHO GMP certified facilities in an Excise-free zone.

Through its specialist divisions, Zoecia Healthcare is taking strides ahead to meet the requirements of individuals in many categories.

Zoecia Healthcare is a firm that develops and manufactures a wide variety of pharmaceutical formulations.

Liquid Injectibels, Eye, Ear, and Nasal Spray, Ointment, Lotions, Toothpaste, and other Cosmetics are among our specialties.

The business is dedicated to providing innovative and high-quality healthcare.



We are a renowned company that manufactures a wide variety of pharmaceutical items for our valued customers. There are a few key variables that have helped us achieve an advantage over our competition.

The following are a few examples:

  • Modern infrastructure
  • Product assortment of exceptional quality
  • Professionals with years of experience
  • An extensive distribution network
  • Consignment delivery on time
  • Management of total quality
  • A large manufacturing line


Our objective is to help people manage their health better by providing innovative, high-quality goods at reasonable costs. Our conviction is that constant efforts to enhance product quality and efficiency, as well as a focus on the launch of creative next-generation goods, will lead to the release of innovative next-generation products in the future.


Our mission is to establish global healthcare leadership in key areas and to maintain that position through innovation and continual improvement.


Zoecia Healthcare is a major PCD Pharma Franchise company in India that offers exceptional marketing assistance to its clients.

Our staff is committed to providing the highest quality services for the greater good.

Only by providing better and enhanced health care goods can we make our commitment to a healthier and happier world a reality.

Our consumers may rely on Zoecia Healthcare for high-quality Tablets, Capsules, Liquid Syrups, Dry Syrups, and Injections.


Zoecia Healthcare aspires to the highest levels of quality and excellence, and is dedicated to providing goods and services in world-class packaging. For best-in-class production, we adhere to the highest standards of rules and ethics at Company.


  • Injectables
  • Drops for the eyes, ears, and nose
  • Ointment
  • Dental treatment
  • Tablet
  • Capsules
  • Gelatin capsules, soft
  • Syrups
  • Powdered protein
  • Energizing agent


  • Manufacturing by third parties

We are one of India’s fastest-growing pharmaceutical third-party manufacturing firms. We welcome any brands seeking external assistance in ensuring timely delivery of their own branded items, as we provide immediate solutions by providing high-quality Pharma products to our customers, allowing them to keep their brand status.

Our vast expertise as a third-party pharmaceutical manufacturer ensures that none of our clients are dissatisfied, since we produce items according to their specifications. We manufacture numerous delicate items, such as tablets, injections, capsules, and syrups, in addition to conventional medications in third-party production. As third-party producers, we produced one of our best pharmaceutical outputs.

So you don’t have to worry about medication manufacturing since we’ll take care of it for you by offering best-in-class pharmaceutical goods, allowing you to concentrate on product marketing and supply chain management rather than drug manufacturing.


To provide the finest healthcare services in India, Zoecia Healthcare offers an ethical and professional PCD Pharma Franchise model.

We expanded the company into underserved regions by appointing additional franchisees, distributors, PCD Pharma franchisees, and monopolies.

We invite Pharma Marketing Professionals (Pharmacy Dealers, Pharma Distributors, and Medical Representatives) and new entrepreneurs from all across India to join our PCD Pharma Franchise Partner for our goods in their territory with 100% monopoly.

Any company’s marketing and promotion efforts are critical. PCD Pharma franchises come with special marketing assistance. When it comes to marketing help, we provide a broad selection of promotional resources to our distributors in every manner conceivable.

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Pharmaceutical Tablets, Pharmaceutical Capsules, Pharmaceutical Syrup, Pharmaceutical Injection, Pharmaceutical Suspension, Pharmaceutical Drops and Pharmaceutical Supplement, Ayurvedic Products, and Many Nutraceuticals Products are all manufactured, traded, and supplied by Zoecia Healthcare.

We not only deliver high-quality medical items and excellent treatment to their patients, but we also build solid relationships with their stakeholders.



We believe that doing diverse things does not equal excellence.

It is accomplished by doing things in a unique way. The sum of a product’s or service’s traits and attributes that influence its ability to meet certain demands.


To provide high-quality pharmaceutical products to our customers. Our work is founded on the ideals of trust and professionalism.

We contribute to the advancement of the healthcare system by providing the most recent research findings.


PCD Pharma, Third Party Contract Manufacturing, and other services are available.


We stand out from the competition because we provide high-quality items and have vast sales and marketing skills. Our major strength is drug safety, which we focus in solely. A solid set of ideals and a strong commitment.


Zoecia Healthcare has a diverse product line and is growing under the experienced leadership of our Managing Experts. We are one of India’s major pharmaceutical firms, delivering a comprehensive variety of DCGI-approved formulations such as pills, injections, and novel medications.

Analgesics, antibiotics and anti-infectives, anti-cold and anti-allergic drugs, and antipsychotic drugs are among them. Aside from these, we have Cardiovascular Drugs, Gastro & Antiemetic & Anti Ulcerant, Haematirics, Hormones, and Nutritional Supplements in our portfolio.

Our complete product line also includes

  • Ayurvedic Products,
  • Tablets,
  • Oral Liquid,
  • Dry Powder,
  • Capsules,
  • Injectables,
  • Ointment,
  • Eye & Ear Drops

These are guaranteed to have excellent quality standards since they are manufactured according to GMP and WHO norms.


We are searching for a Pharma Franchise in India for a broad variety of goods. For exclusive marketing and distribution rights, a serious, devoted, and experienced individual is invited.


For the designated unoccupied locations, we provide PCD Monopoly Rights. We trade and sell a broad selection of DCGI-approved formulations such as pills, capsules, and more.


PCD Pharma Franchise can help you expand into a fully-fledged firm whether you are an individual or a small to medium-sized enterprise. The notion has captivated millions of people all over the globe, and it is one of the most important factors in the growth of pharmacological influence.

Do you wish to start your own company? Do you want to learn more about the benefits of owning a Pharma Franchise? To clear up any doubts, read the following points!


PCD pharma franchise is an excellent choice if you want to build your own firm. Our sales support team will give you with comprehensive training.


You get monopolistic power over a large region and special treatment from the pharmaceutical company, which must be legal and reputable in order to generate a higher return on investment in the near future.


For seasoned pharmaceutical specialists, a Pharma Franchise is a wonderful career opportunity. One may begin with a few things and a small region, then expand up as needed.


Every day, our team of devoted personnel works to assure quality and overall efficacy, and our medications are helping people.

Millions of clients throughout the world rely on us. This is absolutely something to be proud of!


Today’s businesses succeed by concentrating on what they do best and delegating the rest to others. Contract manufacturing seems to be a natural match for this method.

Contract manufacturers, in addition to enabling businesses to concentrate on their core strengths, provide a number of additional benefits over in-house production, including cheaper prices, more flexibility, access to external knowledge, and fewer capital requirements.

We are a pharmaceutical company that provides Pharmaceutical Finished Formulations to a broad range of health care demands.

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Pcd Pharma Franchise In Punjab

Pcd Pharma Franchise In Punjab- Zoecia Healthcare is India’s top PCD Pharma Franchise, producing, marketing, and distributing a comprehensive variety of high-quality pharmaceuticals and healthcare goods.

With the support of a great research team, our experienced medical experts are involved in the creation of this stable variety of medications.

The medications given are generally regarded in the industry for their precise composition, stability, extended shelf life, high purity level, zero adverse effects, and effectiveness. Our designed pharmaceutical solutions come in a variety of cleanliness and high-quality packaging choices to meet the demands of a wide range of consumers.

Zoecia Healthcare is included among India’s top PCD Pharma Franchise Companies. Over the years, we’ve established ourselves as the top manufacturer of Tablets, Capsules, Injectables, Liquids, and other pharmaceuticals.

Our medications are known for their great effectiveness, perfect purity level, and extended shelf life in the business. All of these medications and healthcare items are made using high-quality ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers in the business. These drugs are likewise available to our consumers at the most affordable pricing.

PCD Pharmaceuticals Franchise

Our strong business chances will benefit pharma professionals and colleagues greatly. PCD Pharma franchise is a company that takes less cash to start but provides a high rate of return on invested capital. Our colleagues benefit from substantial profitability and sensible incentives. We also have skilled teams working with us.

Business prospects in pharmaceuticals

We provide very lucrative business possibilities to anyone who is interested. For launching their own Pharmacy Business, people just need a “Pharmaceutical License.” The company may be started with a little amount of money. One should start their company at their preferred place. We also provide free promotional gifts to consumers who do not meet a sales objective.

A distributorship with PCD Pharma

Zoecia Healthcare also provides PCD Pharma Franchise business rights based on Monopoly. In a Monopoly firm, partners have complete freedom to pick their business location. Other persons can only start their Pharma firm outside of your location, according to the guidelines. Additionally, Zoecia Healthcare ensures that orders are delivered on time.

Which Are The Benefits Of Zoecia Healthcare?

With its highly experienced senior management, ‘Zoecia Healthcare is a professionally run PCD pharma franchise firm. The management team has over ten years of combined experience from leading MNCs throughout the globe.

The success of your Pharma franchise relies on a number of aspects, including product selection, quality, packaging, corporate stability, and skilled and professional employees.

Zoecia Healthcare operates a franchise and distribution business. Through the wholesale model, the corporation grants you monopolistic rights to advertise its goods. Joining together with Zoecia guarantees the success of your Pharma Franchise.

We are willing to listen to your suggestions and make the necessary modifications to benefit your company.

Working with Zoecia Healthcare has numerous advantages.

  • Low-investment venture: Zoecia Healthcare provides the most profitable business opportunity, with a little initial investment and a low risk of failure.
  • Return on investment is high: Zoecia Healthcare’s business will deliver a high rate of return on investment. As a result, we may infer the wonderful business scope.
  • Monopoly powers: PCD Pharma Franchise is offered by Zoecia Healthcare with Monopoly business rights. Customers may enjoy their business in Monopoly without fear of competition.
  • Assistance Program: We also provide assistance to our clients in the form of timely delivery, high incentives, business support, best packaging, free promotional gifts, and more.
  • Promotional Gifts for Free: Attractive promotional gifts that are provided for free include:
  • Pens, notepads,
  • T-shirts,
  • LBLs,
  • Visual Aids,
  • M R Bags,
  • Hampers,
  • Vouchers,
  • Medicine Samples, and many more..

 Zoecia Healthcare

Zoecia Healthcare formulations push the boundaries of quality, virtue, and viability.

PCD Pharma Franchise is available across India for a very minimal initial investment. If you find the correct PCD Company for your company in your territory with monopoly rights, PCD Pharma may be a highly successful business. We provide you with extremely reasonable prices so that you may inquire about PCD Pharma Companies Price List.

Pharma professionals, distributors, and wholesalers seeking for a PCD Pharma Company or a Pharma Franchise are invited to contact us. We deal in all types of pharmaceutical products and are one of India’s best pharmaceutical franchise companies.

Here are some of the characteristics that distinguish us as the best Pharma Franchise Company for Business Opportunities:

  • Pharma Franchise Associates have exclusive monopoly rights.
  • Promotional assistance is provided at no cost.
  • Portfolio expansion with new and innovative items
  • People purchase perks, such as discounts and product offers, which promote sales.
  • Our market reputation and connections with medical colleges and healthcare professionals are also beneficial to our colleagues.


Zoecia Healthcare is a pharmaceutical franchise company based in Punjab, India. We assist investors in starting a company and increasing their chances of making a profit.

  • Small cash is required to begin a company. In the PCD Pharma franchise business in India, the rate of return on investment is excellent.
  • We have a competent crew operating in a warehouse that is entirely safe, secure, and sanitary.
  • For production, we employ the most up-to-date equipment and procedures.
  • We also provide monopoly rights to firms, allowing them to choose a certain region and begin operating without competition.
  • For all transactions, we also present a clear business policy.
  • You should have enough money to start a pharmaceutical company.
  • You should have at least three to four years of sales experience with a reputable pharmaceutical business.
  • A “Pharmaceutical License” is required.
  • You should speak with professional physicians.

Monopoly PCD Business Benefits

  • You have the ability to choose your site in a monopoly-based PCD pharma Franchise. You have the legal authority to start your own firm based on the foundations.
  • No one else is permitted to open a business in your area. They’ll open up shop beyond your Boundary in accordance with the corporation Monopoly Business policy standards.
  • Business with a low starting investment.
  • There is no market competition.
  • Product Profits are High.
  • Losses and falls are unlikely.
  • Promotional Gifts & Attractive Incentives
  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Injectables
  • Syrup, dry
  • piece of powder
  • Ointment cream
  • Drops
  • Granules
  • Sachet
  • Supplements for energy
  • Multivitamins, among other things.

Contact us if you want to create your own PCD Pharma franchise and make a good living.



Zoecia Healthcare has quickly developed into a company that is dedicated to offering high-quality, cost-effective drugs and healthcare to individuals of all ages.

Pharmaceutical Tablets, Pharmaceutical Capsules & Soft Gel, Pharmaceutical Injections, Pharmaceutical Syrup, Pharmaceutical Dry Syrup, Pharmaceutical Ointment And Gel, and Protein Powders are among the many items that we make, sell, and provide.

On a monopolistic basis, we provide PCD Pharma Franchise, Pharma Franchise, and Pharmaceutical Distributorship in each district.

We also provide third-party manufacturing and marketing services for pharmaceuticals.

We have learned how to keep ahead of our competition in the market over our successful journey.

We have put in countless hours to achieve remarkable success in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our company approach is founded on working together for the mutual benefit of our customers and partners, since we value both equally. Our loyal clients are also given top consideration.

In this regard, we have professionally educated our people so that they can easily confront any difficulty in this highly competitive industry.

We are supported by a technically competent staff that works constantly to provide our customers with pharmaceutical solutions that are perfectly prepared, highly effective, and recognized for attributes such as purity, immediate relief, exact composition, minimal side effects, and precise PH value.

These medications are made according to medical industry standards using high-quality components.

Our technical professionals have extensive industry expertise and are among the finest in the business.

Their tireless efforts have catapulted us to tremendous success in our business, and we owe all of our accomplishments to them.



Our customers may rely on us for high-quality Tablets, Capsules, Liquid Syrups, Dry Syrups, and Injections.


Provide safe, high-quality patient care in a professional, respectful, and effective communication environment.


We are continuously looking for distributors/franchises/pcd franchises to join our team. Our distributors may choose from a broad choice of items.

  • Promotional Contribution
  • Scientific Illustrations ( Folder)

Visual tools that not only help us achieve our goals, but also make your marketing tactics smarter and easier to implement. For our goods, we give.

  1. Literature in Science
  2. Cards for visitors
  3. Covers to Catch
  4. Leave Literature Behind
  5. Stickers for Products
  6. Gifts from Time to Time

Why Choose Us?

Our Goals

To become India’s foremost pharmaceutical franchise company.


We place a high priority on goal accomplishment and work tirelessly to realize our Vision.


We place a high importance on information since it allows our Franchisees to come up with new ways to manage company development and profit.

India’s Leading Pharma Franchise Company

Zoecia Healthcare is one of India’s biggest integrated pharmaceutical franchise firms. We have been making high-quality formulations of a wide variety of pharmaceuticals since our start, and we adhere to stringent quality control and market requirements. We have more than 400 goods in our inventory. Syrup, injectable, powder, granules, pills, capsules, and more products are among our offerings.

We have a dedicated staff of quality control professionals that closely monitor all current processes from product procurement through delivery to our valued customers.

We provide a comprehensive selection of pharmaceutical bulk medications based on our valuable knowledge and skills. These medications are made using high-quality ingredients from the manufacturer’s end.

We guarantee that we give the finest goods as one of the top Pharma Franchise firms in Chandigarh, India, by purchasing pharmaceutical bulk pharmaceuticals from only trusted and respectable market vendors with extensive knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

We are a GMP-certified pharmaceutical distributor and franchise with the mission of producing low-cost, high-quality medications.

We have a GMP-compliant product line and a Schedule M-compliant production facility. Zoecia Healthcare is the name of our firm, which was founded in 2014. Chandigarh is home to the company’s headquarters.


  1. Antimicrobials
  2. Stimulants for appetite
  3. Antacids
  4. Analgesics
  5. Antimicrobials
  6. Skin ointment
  7. Anti-allergic and anti-inflammation
  8. Antifungal
  9. Injectables
  10. Vitamin supplement
  11. Malaria prevention

Please submit an inquiry through inquiry form for pharma franchise business opportunity or third party manufacturing.


What Makes Us Unique

Zoecia Healthcare focus on the Indian and international markets. A skilled team of Professional Representatives promotes our goods to Medical Professionals, and our products are sold via a network of Distributors and Stockiest.

Over the years, quality and innovation have been the cornerstones of our success.

Zoecia Healthcare is a rapidly expanding pharmaceutical formulation production and marketing firm with a diverse product line that includes:

  • Antibiotics
  • Antifungal
  • Antipsychotic
  • Antidepressants
  • Anti-Ulcer
  • Hyperacidity
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antihistaminic
  • Anticold
  • Supplements with vitamins and minerals

We always give the best quality medication to our clients and have actively pushed the WHO GMP culture across the organization.

We want to extend our presence throughout India by adding additional distributors and agents and providing a Pharma Franchise/PCD model for our pharmaceutical goods in different states.

For the production of our goods, we use world-class manufacturing facilities in Chandigarh.
Zoecia Healthcare is prepared to handle the healthcare industry’s forthcoming challenges. A dedicated and well skilled personnel has always been a valuable asset to the organization.

What We Provide

We provide business chances to anyone who want to start their own company.

In addition to monopoly rights in their assigned district


Our mission is to provide world-class healthcare facilities to make society healthier and happier.


Our vision is to create a premier pharmaceutical company that provides customers with high-quality medications at reasonable prices. By offering creative and high-quality goods, we want to become a worldwide player.


Over the years, quality and innovation have been the cornerstones of our success. We always give the best quality medication to our clients and have actively pushed the WHO GMP culture across the organization. We are dedicated to excellence. Quality Control examinations are carried out in accordance with WHO GMP guidelines.

For the production of our goods, we use world-class manufacturing facilities that meet the highest quality requirements.

pharma franchise oppurtunity

What Makes Us Special?

  • On time Delivery

Goods are delivered on time. For fast delivery of products to our clients, we provide same-day shipment of items through expert carriers.

  • Product of Superior Quality

We manufacture our goods in world-class production facilities, ensuring the best quality products and services.

  • Exceptional Packaging

Our products come in world-class packaging that provides them a professional look while also ensuring that their potency is maintained throughout their shelf life.

  • Promotional Resources

We supply all necessary promotional materials, such as:-

  1. Visual Aids,
  2. LBLs,
  3. Scientific Literature,
  4. Pens,
  5. Visiting Cards, and more.
  • Wide Range of Products

We provide a diverse selection of goods to meet the demands of many specialties, including

  1. orthopedics,
  2. gynecology,
  3. psychiatry,
  4. paediatrics,
  5. dermatology,
  6. ENT,
  7. consultant physician, and more.
  • Development and Research

We are very proud of our research and development staff, which works around the clock to produce new novel formulations to address the industry’s forthcoming difficulties. To give the greatest degree of purity, strength, and effectiveness, we employ very stable API and other ingredients.

  • Services

Zoecia Healthcare has a team of experts in a variety of pharmaceutical fields who give consulting services for:

PCD Pharmaceuticals:

To give the greatest healthcare services in India, we provide an ethical and professional PCD Pharma Franchise model. We expanded the company into underserved regions by appointing additional pharmaceutical franchisees and distributors.

Third-Party Production:

We can assist you in locating the highest-quality Third Party Manufacturing Plants for your product line (Tablets, Capsules, Dry Syrups, Liquid Orals, Ointments, Nasal Spray, Injectables, Softgel Capsules, Food Supplements, Nutraceuticals, Dietary Supplements, Herbal/Ayurvedic medicines, and Cosmetics), as well as obtaining all necessary accreditations.

Manufacturing using peer-to-peer collaboration:

We can assist you in locating the highest-quality P2P Manufacturers for your product line, as well as the necessary accreditations.

PCD Pharmaceuticals Franchise

Zoecia Healthcare uses a PCD Pharma Franchise model that is both ethical and professional to give the finest healthcare services in India.

We expanded the company into underserved regions by appointing additional pharmaceutical franchisees and distributors.

We encourage Pharma Marketing Professionals (Pharmacy Dealers, Pharma Distributors, and Medical Representatives) and new entrepreneurs from all across India to join our PCD Pharma Franchise Partner for our goods in their territory, with 100% monopoly rights.

Any company’s marketing and promotion efforts are critical. PCD Pharma franchises come with special marketing assistance. When it comes to marketing help, we provide a broad selection of promotional resources to our distributors in every manner conceivable.

Top Pharma Franchise Organization

Zoecia Healthcare is a leading pharmaceutical franchise firm in the Chandigarh, offering a profitable and ethical franchise model.

We strive to produce high-quality goods as the best PCD Pharma Franchise Company.

For the expansion and scalability of healthcare services, we have a competent team of pharma specialists that employ the newest technology and innovative marketing methods in the pharma business.

We can help you grow your company to new heights by partnering with Best Pharma Franchise Company.

We urge premier pharmacy dealers, distributors, wholesalers, and other pharma professionals to work with us so that we can help them get the most out of their partnership.

You can submit an inquiry through inquiry form for pharma franchise business opportunity.


Zoecia Healthcare, a Pharma Franchise firm, is a well-known and respected brand in the industry. In Chandigarh, its neighboring states , we are one of the leading providers of a broad variety of high-quality pharmaceutical items. There are several reasons why we are one of India’s fastest growing PCD Pharma companies.

Our founders have created the basis of a firm with a fantastic vision, extremely good ethics, and a systemized process-driven method of working, backed by more than 10 years of professional experience. Zoecia Healthcare is a company with a wide range of high quality Pharma products, including the latest DCGI molecules, and a robust system to deliver these through our franchisee partners to the end customers, thanks to that great vision, underlying mission, and zeal to have a best-in-class Pharma company.


  • Zoecia Healthcare is a PCD Pharma franchise company.
  • Zoecia Healthcare is one of the fastest growing PCD Pharma franchise companies in Chandigarh.
  • Analgesics and NSAIDs, Anti-acids and Gastroenterology, Antibiotics, Anti-hack and Cold, Anti-malarial and Anti-Infectives, Anti-Ulcerative,  Gynecology, Genito-Urinary,  Multivitamins and Antioxidants, Neuro and Pschiatry,  Pediatrics, and Nutraceuticals are just some of the sections we Tablets, capsules, softgels, syrups, drops, ointments, granules, oils, and powders are some of the forms available. We are a group of trained and talented professionals who enable us to provide a high-quality assortment of pharmaceutical items. Our products are made with high-quality ingredients supplied from reputable manufacturers with GMP-certified and WHO-compliant facilities.

Zoecia Healthcare, a PCD Pharma Franchise firm based in Chandigarh, India, has adopted systematic logistics, storage, and quality control techniques in accordance with industry best practices. As a consequence, it can meet the needs of a wide range of customers throughout the nation.

  • This site acts as a one-stop solution for all our colleagues, including the capability of e-ordering, in addition to offering full information about us, our Vision, our Mission, our Promoters, our product variety, and our distribution system.

pharma franchise

Why should you choose us ?

  • We are a GMP Certified PCD Pharma Company with a wonderful goal of manufacturing goods that are focused on increasing, extending, and revitalizing the quality of life among the people of the nation, with a broad selection of important and inexpensive medical items. Antibiotics, analgesics, gynecology, nutraceuticals, syrups/suspensions, injectables, and Ayurvedic preparations are among our specialties. We are establishing our own standards to be dubbed the top PCD Pharma firm by providing high visionaries in terms of the quality of our medicinal goods.
  • We have built a firm with a strong vision, strong ethics, and a systemized process-driven approach to work. Zoecia Healthcare is a company with a wide range of high quality Pharma products, including the latest DCGI molecules, and a robust system to deliver these through our franchisee partners to the end customers, thanks to that great vision, underlying mission, and zeal to have a best-in-class Pharma Franchise Company.
  • We invite skilled and experienced individuals as well as corporations from all over India to become Pharma Franchise distributors/ partners. If you are an M.R., ASM, or RSM who wishes to establish a company with even less capital, Zoecia Healthcare may provide you with Monopoly Marketing Rights on a Pharma PCD Franchise basis for your district/ cluster of districts. Pharma stockists, distributors, and C&F agents having strong ties to local Medical Practitioners, Physicians, or Surgeons are also invited to join Zoecia Healthcare in a lucrative and long-term PCD Pharma Franchise company.

Benefits of collaborating with us include:

  • We provide high-quality items with appealing packaging. These are made at reputable manufacturing facilities that have received ISO and GMP certifications and are known for their purity and precise composition.
  • There are no monthly goals that must be met. If you wish to incentivize your performance, you may set annual goals.
  • We strictly adhere to our monopoly rights and refuse any commercial inquiries from the protected region.
  • We provide advantageous options for bulk purchases, allowing you to build a larger company much faster.
  • We support our distributors by offering high-quality, fact-based advertising materials.
  • Once the payment is shown in our records or the invoice is approved for dispatch, we make sure to send the items within 24 hours and 100% dispatches within 48 hours.
  • We have a comprehensive team of specialists at your disposal to respond to your questions about goods, packaging, doses, orders, invoicing, taxes, dispatches, and/or logistics in a timely and accurate manner.
  • This site acts as a one-stop shop for all of our partners, complete with e-ordering capabilities.


  • Tablets,
  • capsules,
  • softgels,
  • syrups,
  • drops,
  • ointments,
  • gels
  • powders.

Our product line is extensive, and it rivals any PCD Pharma firm in India in terms of variety.

  • Analgesics & NSAIDs,
  • Antibiotics,
  • Anthelmintics,
  • Anti-cough & Cold,
  • Anti-malarial & Anti-Infectives,
  • Anti-Ulcerative,
  • Gynecology,
  • Multivitamins & Antioxidants,
  • Neurology & Psychiatry,
  • Paediatrics, and
  • Nutraceuticals

Aids to Promotion

For the field assistance of the Pharma Franchise company, the following promotional aids are provided:

-Aid Visual (Folder)

-Glossary of Products

-LBLs (Long Base Lines) (Leave Behind Leaflets)

-Assortment of Catch Covers-Thank You/Reminder cards


To establish a reputation as a pharmaceutical company that produces high-quality herbal and pharmaceutical goods, as well as to build mutually beneficial long-term partnerships with suppliers, the pharmaceutical and healthcare community, and our field colleagues throughout the Indian subcontinent.


  • To present the broadest variety of formulas that satisfy the highest quality criteria.
  • Take a long-term strategy to developing deep markets on the Indian subcontinent, adhering to the highest ethical standards at all times.


  • Our mission is to provide society with the most creative and helpful compositions at the most cheap prices possible for everyone. A PCD pharmaceutical company’s first obligation is to expand with the goal of improving product quality. As a result, we make every effort to devote our services to the health-care business.
  • We are India’s top PCD Pharma Company because of our expert and high-quality services. If you’re searching for a leading PCD franchise company in India, Zoecia Healthcare based in Chandigarh, is unquestionably one of the finest. We provide great marketing assistance with our Pharma Franchise.
  • We are always on the lookout for solutions to satisfy product needs, with all orders being fulfilled within the following 24 hours. We’re looking for marketing specialists to help us expand our marketing and distribution rights to PCD Pharma Franchise Companies that are interested. Individuals and organisations from all walks of life are invited to join us as business partners.

Contract Manufacturing / Third-Party Manufacturing

  • Zoecia Healthcare is a leader in the area of pharmaceutical contract manufacturing and third-party manufacturing.
  • Today’s businesses succeed by concentrating on what they do best and delegating the rest to others.
  • Contract manufacturing seems to be a natural match for this method. Contract manufacturing, in addition to enabling businesses to concentrate on their core strengths, has a number of additional benefits over in-house production, including flexibility, access to external knowledge, and lower capital requirements.
  • Zoecia Healthcare is known in the industry as a quality-driven company that follows strict protocols appropriate for the pharmaceutical sector in all of its operations, including Third Party Manufacturing.
  • We have partnerships with reputable GMP Certified/ That compliant suppliers who assist us in meeting our customers’ quality product needs. We are popular option for Contract Manufacturing for our customers because of our expertise and understanding of Product Package Design and Printing.
  • Our suppliers’ production facilities are in India’s excise-free zones. As a result, we can offer marketing organizations reasonable costs for third-party goods.

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When it comes to finding a good business opportunity in northeast India, Chandigarh’s pharmaceuticals sector is the best! Collaborate with Zoecia Healthcare , India’s best pharma franchise company, which offers over 350 product lines. These include a wide range of tablets, capsules, injectables, soft gels, ointments, drops, and other medications. If you’re looking for a genuine PCD pharma franchise in Chandigarh, we can help you find better distribution opportunities. It is our promise to provide you with drug solutions that will help you grow in the market.

Chandigarh’s demand for medicines is rapidly increasing. People are spending more on better healthcare, which is driving up demand. Zoecia Healthcare , as a vendor of PCD pharma franchise in Chandigarh, will have good business opportunities where you can earn good money and prosper in the future. We provide high-quality medicines at market-leading prices. They are DCGI approved and manufactured in the company’s fully owned GMP and WHO manufacturing facilities. At the most affordable investment plans, opportunities are available in all of Chandigarh’s districts.

Who We Are

“Zoecia Healthcare is an ISO-certified pharmaceutical firm that innovates pharma products to give effective and high-quality pharmaceuticals to help people live healthier and happier lives.”


Chandigarh PCD Pharma Franchise

When you engage with us, you can expect superior pharma marketing services as well as more opportunities for growth. We value industrious colleagues, and if you believe you possess such mentality, Zoecia Healthcare is the right place for you.

Why Should You Consider a Pharma Franchise in Chandigarh?

  • For individuals who are serious about starting their own company, the pharmaceutical marketing industry offers a lot of potential.
  • You may be your own employer and make a decent living doing so.
  • In north India, Chandigarh is a fantastic place to do business.
  • It is a well-known place with a growing demand for medications and items among the general public. You get the following benefits as a PCD franchise owner.
  • Because you will be backed by the corporation, the business has a minimal risk.
  • For the PCD pharma franchise business, you will be granted monopoly rights.
  • The range of investment exposures is broad and versatile. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a lot of money.
  • Medicines are in more demand than ever before. As a result, you can effortlessly turn them into prospective consumers.


Zoecia Healthcare has established itself as a PAN India leader in PCD Franchise as an ISO certified Chandigarh-based pharma firm. Associates have praised our ethical business strategy for its professionalism, efficiency, and devotion.


  • There are around 350 DCGI-approved drugs.
  • Rights to Monopoly Distribution
  • Prices that are reasonable
  • Good profit margins
  • On-time delivery, and so forth.

Chandigarh’s Most Reliable Pharma Franchise Company –  Zoecia Healthcare .

Our organization is an ISO-certified pharma company that works with pharma franchises in many states. We’ve been distributing our medications in various states and have received positive feedback from both clients and consumers. The product list is compiled under the supervision of qualified professionals with extensive expertise. Our production facilities are GMP and WHO approved. It is to ensure that you always get the highest quality and most effective medications available.

Our company’s characteristics are as follows:

  • You will be able to choose from more than 350 different medications, including dentistry, ayurveda, dermatological, pediatric, eye drop, and ENT medications.
  • Quick delivery methods are used to guarantee that orders are delivered on time.
  • Marketing tools are created by hand under the supervision of an expert and the top designers to ensure that they fulfill the objective of bettering your company’s marketing.
  • Our drug costs have been established at a fair level. If you need to purchase in bulk, we provide the best prices on the market.
  • Our Company Offers a Customized Range of High-Quality Products

Zoecia Healthcare is a corporation that does not cut corners when it comes to quality. Our organization has a specialized quality team that monitors every step of the production process from start to finish. To match the quality demands of consumers, the organization takes sure to employ abundant resources and pure extracts.

Our company’s product line is as follows:

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Injections
  • Syrups
  • Sachets
  • Syrups that are not wet
  • Solutions
  • Powdered Protein
  • Suspensions for the mouth, etc.


  • Pads for chemists
  • Bags by MR
  • Diaries
  • calendars
  • pencils, and other promotional items
  • Promotional Materials
  • Aids to Visualization
  • Literature Samples, etc.

With Zoecia Healthcare you may become a Pharma Franchise Distributor in Chandigarh.

Welcome to new possibilities for the future! Zoecia Healthcare is looking for persons that are serious, industrious, and motivated to starting their own medical franchises. Those looking to grow their present businesses may also contact us for more information. We grant exclusive marketing rights in specified places where the firm will provide suitable commercial space. Because we provide new drugs on a regular basis, you will have plenty of possibilities here.

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Zoecia Healthcare is a Chandigarh-based, 2011 certified pharmaceutical firm with operations throughout India. The company is a quality-assured producer, supplier, dealer, and distributor of pharmaceutical medicines. Our primary goal is to create medications that will enhance patients’ health and quality of life. Zoecia Healthcare is a top pharma company in Chandigarh that provides WHO and GMP-certified goods as well as monopoly-based PCD Pharma Franchises across India. For PCD Franchise, we are the top pharma franchise firm.

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In India, Zoecia Healthcare is the leading pharmaceutical firm. We are one of the most reputable Pharmaceutical Drugs manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers. Our products are made under the supervision of a professional team of expert chemists and quality control personnel, and our facility follows WHO-GMP guidelines. As a result, purchasing a franchise from us is the ideal business prospect for you. In several parts of India, we provide pharmaceutical franchises, PCD franchises, Pharmaceutical Distributors, and Pharmaceutical Marketing Services.

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Why should you choose us?

We at Zoecia Healthcare are dedicated to improving healthcare medication via commerce trade. We are dedicated to establishing long-term business relationships with our partners. This is done on the basis of high-quality services at reasonable prices. We made quality important with total perfection and worked with honesty to serve our business partner and make their company more efficient.

Here are a few additional factors that make us the greatest choice for a Pharma Franchise:

  • We provide unique compositions that are produced with great care. That is why healthcare experts have faith in us.
  • Clients will get items packaged with exceptional quality, and things will be delivered within 24 hours.
  • We can provide you items at cheap pricing since we are in an excise-free zone.
  • Free promotional assistance based on research to give additional perspectives.
  • Transparency in our dealings distinguishes us as a reliable and ethical pharmaceutical firm.
  • Work on supplying the most up-to-date compounds and developing popular treatments.
  • Zoecia Healthcare is concerned about the quality of its medications and maintains a quality control team.
  • This is where you’ll locate stuff that is 100% available.
  • All of the manufacture takes place in a WHO and GMP-certified facility.


Zoecia Healthcare, a Chandigarh-based firm that manufactures, markets, and exports pharmaceutical formulations, has a PCD Pharma franchise in India.

  • We are a worldwide pharmaceutical firm certified in 2011. We specialize in producing high-quality formulations such as capsules, syrups, dry syrups, injections, ointments, soft gel capsules, and sachets
  • To satisfy the bulk needs of our customer, we have a well-developed infrastructure as well as a team of trained and experienced personnel
  • Our pharmaceutical items are GMP and WHO certified
  • Zoecia Healthcare is offering pharma experts who want to create their own firm the PCD Pharma Franchise opportunity
  • We provide corporate monopolies in certain areas, as well as distribution and marketing rights
  • We’re seeking for experts that are knowledgeable, devoted, and experienced to provide them with distribution and monopolistic rights.


Different promotional tools are available in our company:-

  1. Visual Aid Sets
  2. secure MR bags
  3. Catch covers
  4. Reminder Cards
  5. Product at a Glance
  6. Visiting Cards
  7. gift products.

Benefits of our PCD Pharma Franchise

  • GMP-WHO certified production plants.
  • We adhere to all industry policies, including those of drug regulators, the World Health Organization, and others.
  • The Drug Controller General of India has given his approval to all of the items (DCGI)
  • Competitive, cost-effective, and time-saving pricing
  • We look after our members’ health.
  • We have an online web portal that is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Vacations, holidays, and other paid time off are examples of paid time off.
  • Dealings that lasted a long time, were clear, and were honest.
  • Medical updates on a regular basis through ADI and visual aids, etc
  • If you meet your regular goals, you’ll earn a raise.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.