The Future of PCD Pharma Franchise Business in Haryana
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Best PCD Pharma Franchise Organization Since its founding in 2012 at Panchkula, Haryana, Zoecia Healthcare has been among the top producers, wholesalers, and traders of pharmaceutical products. Zoecia Healthcare is a reputable and sizable firm in the pharmaceutical sector because to its WHO-GMP certification for excellent manufacturing practises. The Zoecia Healthcare Company is poised to soar above all expectations and has establish a solid reputation and level of trustworthiness in the pharmaceutical sector.

In order to distribute our products to every part of the nation, Zoecia Healthcare maintains a huge, well-equipped warehouse that is connected to major roads. To facilitate the organised and methodical storage of our products, we have divided our facility into different divisions. In order to preserve the quality and guarantee the extended shelf life of our products, the storage room is kept at the proper temperature.


Top PCD Pharma Franchise Company in PCD Franchisee Business: Zoecia Healthcare

Top PCD Pharma Franchise Company Zoecia Healthcare has been distributing its products through the network of pharma franchisees to practically all of the states of the union for quite some time. The PCD Franchise business has given Zoecia Healthcare the finest foothold in the area. Customers may now afford the high calibre pharmaceutical items, product filters, and affordable costs offered by Zoecia Healthcare. Be aware that the items have been developed in accordance with shifting requirements from the standpoint of the company. The business enjoys outstanding customer retention, has this update quickly, and profits from recurring business.

Zoecia Healthcare is a top PCD Pharma franchise company.

The management of our production, administrative, quality control, and marketing departments is handled by a group of highly skilled and experienced professionals that work to uphold a dedication to quality.

Top PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Quality: Zoecia Healthcare

  • Our respected clients demand that we uphold our complete pledges to excellence.
  • Our company’s trademark is quality assurance, which is why clients always choose us first.


  • We at Zoecia Healthcare have been one of the top producers, wholesalers, and merchants of pharmaceutical drugs since our establishment in the year 2012. Pharmaceutical Tablets, Cardiac Diabetic Tablet, Pharmaceutical Capsules, Pharma Injections, and many more products from our extensive product line are in high demand in the market due to their incomparable and alluring appearance made from the finest raw materials.
  • Additionally, it has a WHO-GMP certificate for good manufacturing practises, making it a credible and sizable business in the sector
  • Due to the best raw materials and updated, technically sound machinery at reasonable and cheap costs, our products have thrived and acquired high demand in the market
  • Additionally, we have always guaranteed prompt project completion with efficient packing and delivery, including for transportation.

Our Purpose

To fulfil our social obligations and sustain our commitment to offering high-quality products that meet WHO-GMP standards, we must contribute relevant and fruitful healthcare services to the community.

Our Goal

Our goal is to become the greatest franchised pharmaceuticals firm in the country. to encourage technical innovation and excellence in order to advance humanity and improve quality of life.

We Stand For

Quality is always our first priority. We honour people’s potential by getting involve and taking part.

How to Get a PCD Pharmaceutical Franchise

The pharmaceutical market has expanded significantly over the last five years, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 15%. When compared to other nations, the Indian pharmaceutical businesses produce and supply their goods at fair costs.

  • Drug License: Possessing a drug licence is crucial for conducting business in the pharmaceutical sector. A drug licence is necessary as a legally valid government-issued licence if your line of work involves selling drugs, medicines, etc. It is govern by the Drugs and Cosmetics Act and is applicable nationwide.
  • Picking a Pharma Company – Keep an eye out for Pharma companies that offer the franchise business and investigate each one in depth. Before making a decision, one must research the company’s reputation and market value. It is crucial to investigate the key facets of the business you select, such as the product catalogue, deals, and pricing list with net rate and MRP. ISO, GMP, and WHO certifications for product quality.
  • Select the Product Range – Choose the products based on client and consumer demand. It would be very beneficial in making product choices that are in line with market demands.
  • Investment – Starting a pharmaceutical franchise business has a low capital need. Keep a reserve of money on hand in case anything happens.
  • Qualifications – A graduate must have at least one year of experience working as a salesperson for a reputable pharmaceutical company. A person who has authorization from the department of drug control is also eligible for the pharmaceutical industry, although a secondary pass requires a minimum of 3–4 years of experience.
  • The Pharma Franchise Business must register.
  • The pharma franchise company must be legally register in accordance with government regulations. Online registration is possible by completing the application form and providing the necessary documentation.

Pharma Franchise Based on Monopoly

You have been appoint as the exclusive authorized distributor or wholesaler in the Monopoly Pharma Franchise for the medicine brand of your choosing. We can assist you whether you’re seeking for PCD pharma franchise companies in India that operate on a monopoly basis or if you want to create your pharmaceutical business as a monopoly in a specific region. You may find the most dependable Pharma firms that offer Monopoly pcd pharma franchise in your region right here at Zoecia Healthcare.

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