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Zoecia Healthcare is one of the biggest pharma franchise companies in Punjab and the PCD Pharma Franchise Company there. More than 250 pharmaceutical goods are produced by our organisation and are available for PCD pharma franchise in Punjab.

These days, pharma franchise is a very profitable and well-liked business. We constantly invite medical representatives, pharmacy dealers, and distributors to join us as partners for PCD Pharma Franchise in Punjab. A committed group of experts from Zoecia Healthcare collaborate to meet the needs of the client. We have a unique collection of production facilities based on Schedule M.

Because we are the greatest, we guarantee that you will receive products of the highest calibre.


Why is a PCD pharma franchise in Punjab?

The pharmaceutical center of India is rising in the developing state of Punjab. The pharma sector is one of the key contributors to the state’s economic growth, and the state’s GDP is 3.27 billion rupees. A recent government report projects that between 2016 and 2022, Punjab’s pharmaceutical industry would grow by 7% annually. Therefore, Punjab offers a lot of opportunity for pharma franchise businesses. Due to the following reasons, investing in PCD franchises offers the most commercial potential in Punjab:

Punjab has had a significant increase in the number of new medical colleges, PGIs, pharmaceutical education facilities, new hospitals, and primary health centres. This raises the need for Punjabi pharmaceutical franchises.

Punjab’s highly educated populace is to blame for its residents’ increased attention to their health. The necessity for and demand for healthcare drugs are expanding along with per capita income and the need for high-quality medications. Franchise pharma has a bright future in Punjab and its surrounding areas.

The largest pharmaceutical hub in Asia, Baddi, is located close to Chandigarh. They are both renowned pharma hubs. Punjab could be a location for the pharmaceutical market.

To raise peoples’ quality of life and offer them quality medical care, the Punjab government is investing heavily in the healthcare industry.

Benefits of Joining the PCD Franchise of Zoecia Healthcare

One of the top pharmaceutical businesses in India, Zoecia Healthcare, provides the best PCD pharma franchise in Punjab. Many areas of the country already have a strong presence for the corporation. Our medications are produced with the assistance of qualified professionals and are DCGI-approved. The advantages of working with Zoecia Healthcare for PCD Pharma Franchise include the following:

  • The leading pharmaceutical franchise company in your area providing Monopoly-based services is Zoecia Healthcare.
  • We guarantee the highest possible product quality to each of our franchise partners.
  • Our company strives to deliver high-quality goods that, in terms of their efficacy, quality, purity, and safety, correspond to the global standard of manufacturing.
  • For the PCD franchise, the company offers an enormous product selection.
  • On-time delivery is a top priority for our business.
  • Future franchise members can expect long-term, transparent business relationships from Zoecia Healthcare.
  • All Punjab pharmaceutical franchise partners receive quality marketing and promotional support from the company.
  • This helps our franchise partner build their network and stand out from the competition by making them look good or impressive to doctors.
  • Visual aids, work bags, visiting cards, small gift items, diaries, writing pads, and other items are examples of promotional tools.
  • All of our pharma franchise associates who hit their goals receive favourable incentives from our company.
  • We provide the most recent packaging methods. These consist of blister packaging, ALU-ALU, etc. For the safe delivery of our products, gels, creams, ointments, injectables, etc. are packaged in hygienic and sterilised containers.

Pharma Franchises We Offer

We at Zoecia Healthcare brings an exclusive range of pharma products and medicines for PCD Pharma Franchise Business. We provide clinically proven pharma products for distribution at PAN India level. These medicines are available in the form of antibacterial, antiviral, anaesthesia, antibiotics, painkillers, etc. You will get a variety of pharmaceutical products which includes the tablets, liquids, sachets, capsules, injectables, cream etc.

The certified medicines cover different drug segments like

  • Derma Rang
  • Gyne and Infertility Range
  • Dental Variety
  • Paediatric Range
  • Basic Range
  • Ortho Range and other

Benefits of purchasing a Pharma franchise from us include:

We at Zoecia Healthcare offer our franchise business partners limitless chances for success. The following are a few of the many business advantages that the organisation provides:

  • a huge selection of high-quality pharmaceutical goods.
  • affordable drug costs despite high demand.
  • Monopoly distribution rights
  • To better promote the distribution firm, use creative promotional materials.
  • swift order delivery
  • Support for Over the Counter Services with Quick Delivery
  • outstanding customer service
  • excellent pharmaceutical distribution Experience
  • A good profit margin in sales.

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