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Welcome To The PCD Pharma Company Zoecia Healthcare

Leading PCD Pharma franchise company in India is Zoecia Healthcare. Capable Directors and a Team with approximately 11 years of rich and varied expertise in the pharmaceutical industry run our business. Our extensive product line includes tablets, capsules, injectables, syrups, and Ayurvedic/herbal medications. One of the greatest production facilities in the world, with WHO and GMP certification, produces our products. In our distribution-ship operation, we adhere to professionalism and ethical conduct.

One of the most reputable pharmaceutical franchises, Zoecia Healthcare manufactures a wide variety of speciality goods using quality assurance and control procedures. Through a wider selection of drugs and goods, the company hopes to improve people’s health and wellbeing. As a value-based pharmaceutical PCD franchise, our business is seeking devoted franchise partners for all of India.

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Zoecia Healthcare Offer All Amenities For A Better Workplace

We are one of India’s PCD Pharma companies with the quickest growth. We provide pharmaceutical products that are well-like for their precise composition, potency, and purity.

To enable our pcd distributors to sell pharmaceutical products in their region, we provide them monopoly rights.


Our motto is “quality of life,” and we work hard to keep the standard of our products high.

Franchise Business Opportunity with PCD Pharma

All over India, we are seeking for PCD Pharma franchise owners. We provide pharmaceutical products that are well-liked for their precise composition, potency, and purity. Pharma Franchise, often known as PCD (Propaganda Cum Distribution), is the right given by pharmaceutical firms to a specific Pharma Professional or Distributor to use those companies’ confidential information, goods, brands, and other commercial endeavours.


Our goal is to become a big worldwide player and the top pharmaceutical firm in India by offering superior products at competitive prices.

Top Pharma PCD Franchise Company Offers a Great Business Opportunity

The Indian pharmaceutical market has been growing quickly over the years. More and more businesses are entering the fray with the hope of creating a strong network. However, the rivalry is fierce and rigid. Things weren’t easy for us when we launch our PCD Pharma franchise company in India decades ago. Despite many obstacles, our team of passionate and committed experts helped us succeed. We are aware of the aspirations of numerous enthusiasts who wish to enter the pharmaceutical industry. But it won’t be simple to launch a new business in this fiercely competitive industry.

It takes time to start a new pharmaceutical company and gain a solid footing in the market.

There are many obstacles one must overcome, including:

  • putting together a sizable sum of money for capital
  • building pharmaceutical product production facilities
  • promoting the brand’s awareness
  • competing with reputable pharmaceutical firms
  • spending more than was anticipate

Starting a business is impossible given all of these obstacles.

That is the cause of the expansion of the PCD Pharma franchise market in India. Innosearch Biotech is looking for enthusiasts that would like to work with your pharmaceutical company.

Characteristics Of The Innosearch Biotech PCD Franchise Network

Products of Excellent Quality

No matter the kind of product or the area of medicine it will be utilise in, our Pharma PCD franchise company is proud to produce high-quality goods. We provide innovative, cost-effective formulae for pharmaceutical and medical items that will enable people to live tension-free lives.

Own manufacturing facilities

All of our products are created and packed in our own production facility under the direction of professionals in the field. Regarding the processes, there can be no compromising. Using cutting-edge technologies, everything is completed automatically. Both GMP and WHO have granted certification to our production facility.

Global and Pan-Indian Networks

Our pharmaceutical PCD franchise is anchor both domestically and abroad. We have expanded our supplier and distribution networks to reach a wide range of global business enthusiasts. Worldwide expansion was the most well-recognized milestone achieve by us throughout the years.

Marketing Direction

You can advertise your business in Google My Business (GMB) or create marketing campaigns with the aid of our PCD pharma franchise monopoly base. Our marketing staff will get in touch with you and develop strategies for expanding your company.

Share Your Business Plan!

Don’t waste any time and get in touch with our pharma PCD company right away to find out more about our franchise opportunities. We will walk you through each step so that you never run into trouble. Additionally, our market reputation is sufficient to enable you to convert your investment into earnings in a single year.

Please fill out the inquiry form if you are interested in a PCD Pharma franchise or third-party production.

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